Fordhouse Equity invests exclusively in small businesses based in the UK.


With a sector-agnostic investment scope that includes both stable and distressed businesses, Fordhouse is able to uncover opportunities that have been overlooked by others.


Using its Acquisition, Development and Performance framework, Fordhouse invests in UK small businesses to drive revenue growth and margin improvement. This is achieved by placing human capital into businesses in active management roles pertaining to strategy, finance and operations.


Fordhouse is open to partnering on a joint investment basis with third-parties on individual projects, where they can bring deep experience, industry insight, and an active management positioning. We show commitment to all our investment partners by putting our own capital behind our convictions.


With no investment horizons or exit timelines, Fordhouse is able to take beneficial long-term decisions that so many investment funds are unable to do.


Fordhouse Equity builds better UK businesses.


If you are:


  • an owner of a UK small business and looking to sell;

  • an owner of a UK small business in distress;

  • a manager looking to buy out the UK small business that you currently run; or

  • a corporate broker / insolvency practitioner with an opportunity,


please get in touch using the form below to discover how Fordhouse can help you.